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26th of May 2017:
The Homepage was uploaded to the internet. Hurray!

31st of May 2017:
The German version is now available!

1st of June 2017:
The old castle homepage has been incorporated!

1st of July 2017:
The Preview Scene for Goblin's Pike is ready. Have a look! Also the 'Goblin's Pike' music album is available from now on. And lastly for today I added a Youtube Video to promote my new comic...

2nd of July 2017:
If you're interested in general info about my person and my new comic you can now watch this new video on Youtube.

9th of July 2017:
There are two new music pieces that I wrote for the album of "Goblin's Pike". You can listen to them here!

1st of August 2017:
The first chapter of the comic 'Goblin's Pike' can now be read (click here to get to the comic)!

16th of August 2017:
Listen to my newest piece of music: 'The Knightly Codex' (Produced with my splendid new Yamaha PSR-S670 Keyboard...hell yeah)!

1st of September 2017:
Now you shall know the conclusion of the first chapter of 'Goblin's Pike'! Click here for the comic! If you know Chapter 1 already, click here to follow Yannik into the scary ruins!

26th of September 2017:
The next update for the comic of 'Goblin's Pike'! will be delayed. It will be finished on the 15th of October 2017 instead; sorry for the longer wait.

15th of October 2017:
The second chapter for the comic of 'Goblin's Pike' has now started! Click here to get to the comic!

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